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April 2017

This is Garin Kilpatrick and I am SO excited to share with you the most profitable marketing strategies I have ever discovered!

It's very important for you to read every word of this page because it's FULL of powerful life changing information that can quickly end the pain of struggling and make your online business profitable forever.

FINALLY! A simple solution for frustrated business owners, entrepreneurs, and online marketers EAGER to build their brands online…

The goal of Marketing Income Lab is to provide YOU with everything you need to create more income online…

Our site and community is here to help you get more traffic, capture more leads, and make more sales so you can take your income to a brand new level of success.

Here are the premium products that are included in Marketing Income Lab to help YOU make your dreams of awesome online success come true:

All profitable websites have one thing in common: Copywriting that compels people to CONVERT.

When You Join the Marketing Income Lab You'll Get Access to My Collection of The Most Valuable Copywriting Secrets and Tools on The Internet


Inside of CopywritingXL the profitable secrets of Copywriting legends like Gary Halbert and Clayton Makepeace are revealed...

With access to the CopywritingXL Vault you'll discover stellar marketing secrets from some of the most successful copywriters of all time...

These include:

  • Everything You Need to Know to Sell Anything Effectively
  • Harmful Common Practices That Will Cost You Sales if You Use Them
  • The Most Valuable Copywriting Archives on the Internet
  • Discover How To Use Powerful Words to Dramatically BOOST the Conversion on All Your Marketing Pages

Facebook is the worlds most successful social network and I have been spent the last several years helping business owners set up powerful and profitable Facebook Pages.

Inside of Rapid Facebook Results I reveal my top tips to help you get more Facebook Likes, Comments, and Shares fast.


Discover the best ways to attract power, fame, and success with Facebook in 10 minutes or less.

Even though I like to think of myself as a Marketing Strategist many people know my first as one of the worlds top Facebook Marketing experts...

That's because my first successful blog was acquired after rising in the ranks of Google to the #1 spot for "Facebook Tips" and "Get more Facebook likes"

And inside Rapid Facebook Results I reveal the best Facebook tips I've ever discovered for getting fantastic results on Facebook fast.

Some of the awesome content inside Rapid Facebook Results includes:

  • How to Create Success on Facebook in 10 Minutes or Less
  • 365 Days of Awesome Content
  • Fantastic Facebook Timeline Cover Templates

Inside of fbCashflow I reveal my best secrets for transforming Facebook from a time drain into a fantastic source of cash flow.

These powerful strategies include:

  • How to Setup a Profitable Facebook App
  • How to Integrate PayPal With Facebook
  • How to Generate Leads and Make More Money With Facebook
  • How to Get Plenty of Leads From Facebook (Without Paying for Ads)
  • A Full Year of Awesome Copy + Paste Content

My most powerful LinkedIn strategies are revealed inside the six videos and eBooks within the Rapid LinkedIn Results members area.

I've spent hundreds of hours on LinkedIn finding out what works the very best so you don't have to.

Discover a Repeatable System for LinkedIn Success


Increase your Influence on the Most Profitable and Important Social Network for Professionals.

With 10 minutes a day or less you can take your success to the next level with LinkedIn and start using this powerful network to create plenty of profitable new opportunities.

  • How to Get Thousands of Connection Requests
  • How To Send Broadcast Emails Through LinkedIn For Free
  • Using LinkedIn to Leverage the Massive Networks of Others
  • How to Export and Download Your Linkedin Connections
  • The Fastest Way to Grow a New Group

Getting traffic is essential for growing a profitable online business...

And the most powerful free traffic opportunity online is definitely: YouTube VIDEOS.

Experts predict that this year over 74% of all online traffic will come from video.


YouTube now reaches more 18-49 year-olds than any cable network and last year ALONE video consumption skyrocketed by over 43%.

Here's what you'll discover inside:

  • How to Get Your Videos On Page 1 of YouTube and Google for Relevant Keywords
  • How to Set Up Clickable Annotations & Optimize Your YouTube Videos for Conversions!
  • How You Can Convert More of Your Video Viewers Into Customers

Whether you are looking to create traffic and an audience with YouTube, or marketing videos that really convert, Rapid Video Results has you covered.

A profitable online business is improved immensely with a strong and optimized website as a base...

And when it comes to building a strong website WordPress is by far the easiest and BEST way to go...

Discover How to Create a Highly Profitable WordPress Website


Inside WPepic the best WordPress Plugins, Content, SEO, and Marketing Secrets are revealed.

That's why WordPress has grown to become the #1 site building platform on the web.

Inside our members area I reveal:

  • How to optimize for SEO and get your content to rank at the top of Google searches
  • The best WordPress plugins to optimize for plenty of leads and sales
  • How to get a ton of FREE social media traffic for your site

Custom Marketing Income Strategy Coaching

Work with me and let's identify the best opportunities for you to profit by optimizing your Marketing funnel.

Let's chat about how we can develop your marketing funnel, set goals, and take the best steps to help get you ahead.

My goal is to help you succeed as much as possible by identifying the biggest opportunities so you can dramatically increase the profitability of your marketing fast.

As a Marketing Income Lab Insider You'll Discover...

  • How To Easily Increase Your Income With Proven Marketing Success Strategies.
  • Screencast Videos Showing You EXACTLY How to Take Action and Get Great Results
  • The Most Powerful Marketing Income Opportunities to Pursue Online.
  • Work With Me to Discover the Best Marketing Income Strategies for You!

Get Insider Access to Our Marketing Mastermind Communities

As a Marketing Income Lab Member (AKA Insider) you also gain exclusive access to our private Facebook and LinkedIn mastermind groups.

Inside these groups you'll have the opportunity to share what you are up to, ask questions, meet new people and discover great new content!

As a Marketing Income Lab Insider You'll Also Enjoy...

  • Hot NEW Premium Content and Product Updates Added Every Month
  • Cutting Edge Marketing Technology and Plugins That You Can Use to Get More Traffic, Leads, and Sales
  • The #1 Thing You Can Do to Increase Your Online Income Right Now

These Are The Marketing Income Lab Assets You Will Get Access To:

  • The CopywritingXL Copy Vault
  • Rapid Video Results
  • Rapid Facebook Results
  • fbCashflow
  • Rapid LinkedIn Results
  • WP Epic
  • Custom Marketing Coaching & Strategy
  • Marketing Mastermind Communities

...and much more!

100% Risk Free Satisfaction Guarantee

  • Your investment is fully protected by our 100% risk free money back guarantee!
  • You have nothing to lose and plenty of profitable marketing income strategies and secrets to gain.
  • In addition to my Money Back guarantee your payment is secure and protected by PayPal.
  • No contracts: you can cancel anytime.

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I look forward to personally helping you succeed and achieve amazing results with your marketing!

Your Friend in Marketing Success,

Garin Kilpatrick

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